Experience Jesus Today!

Why worship God anyway?

At the Northwest Seventh day Adventist Church we choose to worship God because we believe He is our Creator who deserves praise and honor wouldn’t you agree?

Exodus 20:11 says ” in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.”

We believe that Saturday(God’s Sabbath) is a special day set aside for humanity, since the beginning of the world, to spend time worshiping and honoring God. We can worship God in many different ways. It can be through Bible study, prayer and singing praises to Him. We can do this at a personal level or meet together with fellow believers.

Northwest Seventh day Adventist Church Invites You To Fellowship With Us!

It is with fellowship in mind that we invite you to join us on Saturday morning to praise God and to learn more about Him. In looking to honor the Lord we provide a unique worship program with great praise music, dynamic sermons, and bible study classes the whole family can enjoy!

We have two worship programs each Saturday. A main service where everyone meets together. A small group Bible study which we call Sabbath School. In both our services we sing to the Lord, pray for the many blessings he has afforded us and of course offer up prayers to those in need and dear to our hearts. In honor of our guests we also have a hospitality team ready to serve you great food after our services. There is nothing better than meeting new people, having a amazing worship experience, and then breaking bread getting to know each other. So we invite you and offer up our services to you because Jesus is coming soon and we want to see you in the Kingdom of Heaven! Contact Us with any questions or requests!

Northwest Seventh day Adventist Church Main Church Service

The church service starts at 10.00 am on Saturday. It is a time where we can unite together, gather strength from the Word of God and learn more about God. We have various speakers from week to week that we fill are full of the Holy Spirit and bring timely messages to encourage our hearts, strengthen our faith, and challenge us to become better people in Christ. We also have an amazing fellowship potluck meal in honor of our guests who choose to worship with us. We have some really great food for you to stay and get to know us and get a free meal to boot! Potluck generally begins around 12:30pm.

Sabbath school starts at 11:30am. It’s a time where we can discuss the teachings of the Bible and socialize with each other. We have some really great classes from the earliest of children to the novice bible student and for anyone looking for a deeper bible study as well. With 3 adults classes to choose from we feel our Sabbath School bible study groups are second to none in variety and diversity in teaching styles. We invite you to attend regularly to any of our classes.

Sabbath school classes are divided into the following general age groups:

  • Adults (ages 26+)
  • Youth (ages 16 – 25)
  • Teens (ages 10-15)
  • Primary (ages 6-9)
  • Kindergarten (ages 3-5)
  • Beginners (for parents with infants 0-2 yrs)

Northwest Seventh day Adventist Church Sabbath School